Author: Rebecca S. Rossi

The Perfect Tent

Spring or summer has come. It is a perfect time to go and by a tent for your crew to go into the woods and put a frame tent. But you need to have a good frame tent. Which one to buy? Well, you could buy some cheap ones. They are made for summer but remember that they can’t be used in the deep forest because even during the hottest summer you will have temperature fall of 10 digress and that can be drastic. Enough to catch a cold. So it is important to choose the right climate and...

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Stretch tents

If you are an adventurer like I am, you probably know that a tent is a mini house that separates you from nature. Even though we usually have a party during summer or spring, some people like to have it even in autumn when temperatures are not that friendly. So it is imperative to choose the right tent for you and the time of the year. Many people will buy the cheap ones.   Ok, they are good for summer and spring and when the temperature doesn’t go below 20 degrees Celsius. But if you are a true camper...

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Tents Are Our Business

You have probably wondered and wanted to know what is a tent and when will you need it. Tents are a very useful thing. Today you can find all sorts of tents with different quality. You have all sorts of tents. You have thinner tents that you can use in spring and summer or you how tents with two layers that are good for winter season.   It all comes down to when you are going into the wild and how long will you be staying. So the big question is this. When are you going in the wild...

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